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Our Magic

Mobile Product Strategy, Mind Map & User Journey Blueprint
Mobile UX and UI Design Prototyping & Storytelling
Full Service Mobile Development & Integrations

We Build Visually Aesthetic Mobile Experiences

That integrate design with engineering

Over the last 13 years, we have grown a talented team of creative engineers. Our engineering mindset is blended with creative expression of every aspect of human interactivity in the apps we build. Knowledge gathered over the years helps us to identify which design attributes have higher data throughput load on the back end, and thereby takes longer time to render the screen. How does a poor usability jeopardize a payment call made from the app and thereby freezes a possible transaction and times out?
  • cloud

    Amazon AWS or Azure Cloud Integration

    Video upload and batch processing

    User profile management and asset allocation

  • cloud

    Payment processing integration

    Apple Pay or Stripe enablement

    Recurring subscription services

  • cloud

    UX and activation - product based onboarding

    Activity tracking using Amplitude or Kissmetrics

    Services API for all third party CRM tracking

cybersecurity cybersecurity cybersecurity cybersecurity cybersecurity cybersecurity


And implement protection to your apps from

Customer Data Theft, Malware, Ransomware, and more

We prioritize robust cybersecurity measures to safeguard our clients' applications and their users' data. Our approach to cybersecurity encompasses advanced application protection frameworks that fortify your apps against malicious code injections, customer data leakage, insecure communication, vulnerabilities introduced by third-party libraries and components, phishing and social engineering attacks.


We are a proud solution partner of Verimatrix, a world renowned cybersecurity and an award winning media security solution provider.

We are coming to Las Vegas


If you want to

  • Build an app or upgrade your current app to ensure security to your media subscribers
  • Monitor, detect and shut down pirates in real-time with ML-powered video content and app protection
  • Ensure legitimate access to content by safeguarding authentication tokens from theft and redistribution

Come and talk to us at Suite #1232 at the Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel on April 16 and learn how we integrate Verimatrix’s award winning cybersecurity solution in your app for

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We have mostly started from product strategy and ideation phase that eventually led to comprehensive app development responsibilities lasting for many years.

Stage 1
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  • Idea exploration
  • Product Conceptualization
  • Value Matrix Development
  • Market Assessment
Stage 2
flexibility Image
  • Product Mockups
  • UX workflow
  • User Interface Design
  • Prototype Design & Development
Stage 3
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  • Mobile App Engineering
  • Coding for iOS and Google Android
  • Integration services with cloud
  • Mobile platform deployment
Stage 4
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  • App Enhancement and Design Refresh
  • New add-on features to existing App
  • Migrate to new Platform
  • Platform and App Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you help your clients make a successful app?

First, our product strategy team engages with your business to do the following:

  • Assess your app idea and target market
  • Understand your core business function
  • Collect behavioral data of your target users
  • Analyze technical feasibility of your app idea

Once our strategy team creates a foundational report, our product architect and technical lead provide the following:

  • User journey and app workflow
  • Wireframes
  • UX and UI (design)
  • Application Development
  • Testing and bug fixing
  • App store deployment and launch

Outside of the above processes, we bring our decade long experience in developing highly engaging mobile user experiences and avoiding mistakes that can produce limited usability and adoption.

Do you sign NDA agreements?

Yes, once we have entered into a formal contract with your business, we sign confidentiality and NDA agreements before starting work. We strive to protect your intellectual property and do not share your product details with any other prospects or clients without your permission.

I am a non-technical person but I manage my business. How can you help me understand the development process?

Our product architects have strong business backgrounds and are skilled in analyzing your needs and building a list of requirements for your app. We work with you in defining your app objectives and build a user journey workflow on your desired app. Once you are satisfied by the functionality of your target app, our designer will create a visual representation of the app (mockup). This mockup will help you understand the operation of the app. After you sign off, we will progress towards development and provide you with a few milestones and timeline. We will organize walkthroughs at planned intervals, where you will be able to witness the progress of development and provide feedback. Eventually, we will deliver the complete product followed by user acceptance testing and bug fixes.

How frequently do you share your development progress with your client?

Once we kickoff the project with your team, we provide design & development timelines. We have a formal process of defining a few milestones with deliverables. Our design process may have weekly updates where we frequently engage with your team in making sure that our understanding of the user experience is correct. Following the design sign off, we move into a development timeline where we would build 1-2 key milestones for progress updates. Throughout the development, we may reach out to your team for a few clarifications.

How long does an app development process last?

It depends on the complexity of the app. For a native app, there are two platforms - iOS and Android. Typically speaking, including the design process, an app development process may last from 8 to 12 weeks. If there are complex third party integrations, that time can exceed further.

Who owns the source code?

You are the sole owner of the source code. Once the app is delivered to the app store and the final payment is received, we securely transfer the source code over to you.

What is the size of your mobile app development team?

We have 60 plus mobile app designers, architects, developers (iOS and Android), testers, and team leads. We also have a 40 plus mobile game development team and we cross pollinate our knowledge base to contribute to the success of our client’s app.

What is the standard cost of building a mobile app?

It depends. There is no fixed cost for building a mobile app. The cost of a mobile app depends on several factors - complexity of the business functions, depth of the visual design, number of screens in the app, any integration with outside systems or third party databases. Once we analyze your requirements, we engage our design and development teams to calculate total development hours and technical resources needed. In today’s world, a lightweight app may start from $25-35K while a more robust marketplace app can start from $65-100K.

What are your payment models?

We are flexible with our payment models and provide two structures of payments.

Fixed Payment Model: First we create a well defined set of app requirements and evaluate the total resource engagement needed to develop the app. Once the cost is evaluated, we provide a few milestones for product deliverables and payments. This is a fixed cost for a locked down product specification. However, you may request new features and we will accommodate change controls and additional costs associated with them.

Time & Materials Model: It’s an appropriate method for enterprises who are seeking to hire our development team as a part of their in-house team. With this payment structure, the clients get the flexibility to maintain the size of the team depending on their needs.

Can you develop a website along with my app?

Yes, we are skilled in developing landing pages, websites, mobile app promotion pages, and other web applications along with your mobile app. However, we would still go through the process of analyzing your story and narrative to create the site.

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Areas Of Expertise

From product visualization for sales & marketing in manufacturing to training and guidance in knowledge verticals, we have been one of the early adopters of AR/VR technologies in MARTECH. Medical device companies have benefited from our team of UNITY developers and lowpoly designers in building 3D models for demo and interactive sales processes. We have successfully deployed numerous AR based systems in partnership with platforms such as Vuforia.

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Two sided and three sided marketplaces connecting on-demand service providers with customers based on proximity and job types have exploded over the last 3-5 years and more so during the pandemic. Our teams have been involved in product ideation, prototyping, and development of apps connecting cleaners, personal trainers, and service professionals with their prospects and customers.

We are skilled in assessing your market entry goals and can provide complete workflows driving adoption and monetization using gamification techniques.

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Over the last decade we have been building platforms for content streaming, customer subscription, media purchase for VOD, event and venue management, and dynamic content warehouse.

Our expertise in B2C media consumption experiences such as the Sundance Film Festival has enabled more than 400K movie streams for 200K+ subscribers over two annual festivals. We have built content search and discovery alongside enterprise assets for training and brand awareness.

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As we approach the new paradigm of remote learning with more enriching experiences around instruction delivery in both academic and enterprise training segments, our teams have successfully helped few of the largest educational and corporate brands in the US with online ed platforms end-to-end.

Recently, we have built and deployed a comprehensive online short course platform for University of Southern California that helps to upskill more than 400K+ alumni globally.

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Our e-Commerce team is skilled with developing custom shopping experiences for retail and boutique outfits online.

We ideate product search & discovery workflows and develop secured purchasing journeys with effective integration of payment engines, back end admin panels, and analytics dashboards. Our product architects have been helping clients in migrating legacy commerce platforms with our integration specialists, who are proficient in affiliate channel integrations.

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Promotional marketing has been a staple in consumer packaged goods industry and brands across the board use different technologies to create awareness and engagement via the digital channel. Over the last 10 years, we have consistently served several large CPG brands in food and beverage category by providing innovative mobile concepts for market penetration and brand recall drivers.

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From product visualization for sales & marketing in manufacturing to training and guidance in knowledge verticals, we have been one of the early adopters of AR/VR technologies in MARTECH. Medical device companies have benefited from our team of UNITY developers and lowpoly designers in building 3D models for demo and interactive sales processes. We have successfully deployed numerous AR based systems in partnership with platforms such as Vuforia.

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