Who We Work With

We add value to Small Businesses and Middle Market Enterprises, Creative Agencies, Brand Marketers, and Startups who aspire to innovate.

Anshar labs

Fortune 50, Brands and Agencies

Providing creative ideation, sounding board and trusted development help. Delivering end-to-end services that range from custom software builds to enterprise integrations. Our marketing solution portfolio includes promotions and loyalty apps, sales enablement tools and customer engagement tracking products.

Anshar labs

Early Stage Startups and SMBs

Helping Entrepreneurs with product strategy, early prototypes, and MVP development. Our startup practice engages with founders and operates as technology services in residence – providing solution exploration, customer experience development, product positioning, and coding and testing.

An incredible UX is Fundamental to Your Success

We dedicate significant time in figuring out every user interaction that helps develop a rich, intuitive and robust application. Our ability to visualize and linearize complex workflows and user interactions allow us to create awesome UX for both consumer tech and enterprise programs.


Wireframes help us crystallize your imagination into something tangible to play with. Learning about your game drives us! Every piece of your product imagination defines every block of your solution. We enable that process with clarity.


You will never know until you do it – this is our core DNA. Try things out and fail quickly, and try again. We create application prototypes that reflect your fundamental business practice with effective design and functional components.


Our engineers and product architects are artists too. And artists are creative. Once we have defined a prototype model, we inject a significant degree of creativity into the product DNA. We take complete responsibility of full end-to-end development and quality assurance leading to a flawless implementation.

Our focus

We specialize in the following 4 functional areas with in-depth domain knowledge and key industry partnerships


Develop applications for the Corporate Intranet and Consumer Internet. Extensive experience in mobile workflow dynamics, Amazon cloud hosting and enablement, user interactions and usage analytics.

Enterprise programming
& integration

We build scalable solutions using both open source and enterprise technologies for advanced cloud based custom applications, enabling online commerce, communities, and transactions. Our architects are experts in REST web services and can help you with any integration needs within and beyond the organization.

IoT, Beacons, geofences
& proximity solutions

Platform knowledge with iBeacon and Eddystone frameworks, NFC and geo-fencing techniques. Partnerships with blue chip hardware manufacturers including Gimbal and Kontakt.io. Ability to integrate with existing proximity platforms. Find our full offering at cthru.us

AR, VR & 3D modelling

Design and development of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality based programs for marketing and learning experiences. Complete design shop for 3D modeling, product renditions, and animation. Integrated with Vuforia framework.

A Programming Powerhouse

Continuously pursuing perfection in a fast evolving landscape


    work in small groups, dedicated to a project from the beginning to end.

  • Multiple labs across 3 continents

    exploring cutting edge technologies and concepts to enhance your end product.


    building gamification for your mobile commerce and consumer centric apps

  • Models & device integrators

    create AR/VR experiences and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for Proximity Based Marketing

Anshar labs

Few who believed in us

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Stanford Hospitals

So why us?

The key to our client’s success depends on our ability to understand the trend ahead of the curve. We are always early to the party!

Our 20+ years of experience in consumer tech and enterprise space allow us to help our customers navigate through a complex space of evolving technologies and end-user expectations.

We are not JUST product strategists… We operate as your XAAS (Execution-As-A-Service) partner and help you to create roadmap, manage deliverables, set expectations, and maintain a robust pipeline of new features and third party integrations. And we believe in measurement! So, analytics come in every phase of the product iteration.

Pinaki saha


Pinaki Saha

Our work

Product development portfolio showcasing experiences in mobile commerce, IoT, Augmented Reality, Enterprise Sales, Game Development and more.

How can we help you?

We are excited to learn about your dream! Our product strategists will be able to assist you with the right recommendations, application best practices, and planning required to bring a stellar product to market.

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