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The Problem

Many media organizations utilize marketing to bring their content to a wider audience. However, this marketing operates on a superficial understanding of which demographics a given piece of content would appeal to. This creates inefficiencies, as marketing resources are not targeted with sufficient precision, leaving some demographic segments oversold and others undersold. 

This predicament is notably pronounced with respect to unreleased content, wherein conventional market research techniques yield constrained foresight. This challenge is acutely felt with new content, such as Studio V's upcoming film Echoes of Truth, where pre-release insights are scant. Traditional methods struggle to gauge the potential audience's reception, necessitating a more nuanced approach to uncover the film's appeal across different demographic and psychographic segments.

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The Solution

We provide tools for media companies to gain a high fidelity understanding of who will want to watch a given piece of content, even in the absence of real user data. In this project we utilized machine learning to pair unreleased content against users, based on their user demographics and historic preferences. Our models were developed from the ground up, customized for the business in question, creating a sustainable competitive advantage from their existing user data.

This approach may be applied to unreleased content, which allows for a highly granular prediction of who a given piece of content will appeal to. It allows for far more focused marketing than was possible in the past.  By analyzing Echoes of Truth alongside historical viewer data from Studio V, we could predict not just who will watch it but how they will engage with the film, transforming broad segments into nuanced personas.

Expected Outcomes

This project allows for highly granular and precise marketing – to the groups mostly likely to engage with the content. It is expected that the content engagement will rise accordingly, as the outreach will reach groups otherwise not sufficiently considered. By increasing content engagement, the efficacy of the marketing spend will be increased, pushing watches, likes and content interactions.

Our Project Delivery Framework

Discovery and Consultative Exploration

Engagement commences with a comprehensive analysis of the client's business objectives, content portfolio, and extant market analytics
In collaboration with the client, we delve into understanding their challenges, target demographics, critical performance metrics, and data ecosystem

Example: Engaging with Studio V, we begin by dissecting their goals, analyzing past performance data of their other movies, as well as the databases we have access to and understanding the unique challenges they face. This phase is about building a foundation tailored to Studio V's needs, ensuring the strategies developed are tailored to the data we have access to and to the goals of the Studio

project project
project project

Data Onboarding and Optimization

Relevant data sources, including user demographics, psychographics, and historical consumption patterns, are onboarded
Our data engineering cadre ensures the data is cleansed, structured, and primed for the training of bespoke language models
Seminal insights are distilled from the client's data corpus

Example: Incorporating Studio V's rich data sources, including audience feedback on past films, we prepare this data for analysis. For Echoes of Truth, this means constructing a detailed profile of potential viewers based on both historical data and predictive analytics. It must be noted that once the platform is up and running this process is significantly streamlined and almost automatic.

Model Selection and Customization

Aiding the client's goals and data characteristics, we pinpoint the optimal ML model architecture using relevant research grade resources
We tailor and fine-tune the selected model, infusing domain-specific acumen and optimizing for the client’s scenario
This process is characterized by iterative testing, hyperparameter optimization, and rigorous validation to guarantee model precision and dependability

Example: Once trained on a sufficiently large dataset the degree of customization needed for every next film is marginal. Echoes of Truth would require only minor changes

project project
project project

Predictive Insights Extraction

The tailor-made ML model is deployed to scrutinize the client's content, correlating it with user predilections and behaviors
An interface is provided for the client to derive insights, including audience segmentation, content appeal forecasts, and strategized marketing recommendations
Continuous monitoring and model refinement ensure the persistence of relevance and actionability of insights as both content and audience dynamics evolve

Example: Deploying the model to analyze Echoes of Truth, we extract predictive insights that inform targeted marketing strategies. This includes identifying the most receptive audience segments and tailoring promotional efforts to maximize engagement, based on nuanced viewer preferences and behaviors

The Technical Approach

At the foundation of our solution lies the development of customized language models, uniquely tailored to each media client's requirements. These models leverage the client's user data, ensuring that the insights generated are deeply rooted in the distinctive attributes of their audience. By applying cutting-edge machine learning techniques, we unveil latent patterns and correlations that traditional methodologies frequently overlook.

Our bespoke language models are adept at analyzing content, extracting contextual nuances and sentiment that influence the prediction of appeal across various customer segments. This intricate comprehension facilitates the execution of highly targeted marketing campaigns, ensuring content is optimally positioned before the most responsive audiences


The adoption of Anshar Lab’s custom language model solution has delivered substantial benefits to our media clientele. By furnishing precise market insights, our clients achieve enhanced efficiency in marketing resource allocation, engaging the most pertinent audience segments, and elevating content interaction metrics.

Key benefits realized by our client encompass:

  • Augmented content engagement: Targeted marketing initiatives have catalyzed significant improvements in metrics such as watch time, likes, and overall content interactions
  • Enhanced marketing efficacy: Concentrated marketing endeavors on pertinent audience segments have yielded considerable enhancements in marketing investment returns
  • Sustained competitive advantage: The bespoke nature of our language models furnishes clients with exclusive insights, establishing a durable competitive edge
  • Enlightened content strategy: Our solution's profound audience understanding empowers clients with informed content development and programming decisions


In the perpetually evolving media landscape, the proficiency to accurately anticipate audience preferences and ameliorate content performance is paramount for triumph. Anshar Lab’s custom language model solution equips media organizations to transcend conventional market research limitations, unlocking the latent potential of their content. By delivering precise, data-driven insights, we empower our clients to strategize decisively, optimize resource allocation, and curate content that profoundly resonates with their target demographics.

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