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Data-driven Decisions using generative aI

Leveraging Generative AI to distill complex raw data into clear, actionable insights

Are you trying to figure out
  • How you can leverage generative AI models to accurately forecast future trends, demand, and customer behavior based on historical transactional data?
  • How you can automate the process of analyzing transactional data using AGI and generating reports, summaries, and visualizations to support decision-making?
  • How generative AI models can help you identify pain points, preferences, and areas for improvement in customer experience?
  • How can generative AI models help you generate risk assessments, flag potential violations, and recommend mitigation strategies?
and many more such questions...
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Our team of AI experts specializes in developing custom large language models tailored to your industry and business requirements. We leverage state-of-the-art generative AI techniques to create domain-specific LLMs that understand and generate natural language specific to your domain.

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our capabilities

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Speech and Language processing: This is conducted based on Transformer models, more commonly known as LLMS.

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Leveraging Open-Source models: We have capabilities to tune and adjust publicly available large language models to suit the needs of the problem. There are two key ways in which this tuning is performed:

Fine-tuning. This involves re-training layers of the model on novel content, to adjust the voice, tone, and context of the language model to the case at hand. Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). In this approach, a private or proprietary dataset may be supplied to the model, which then becomes available to the model when it is generating responses to prompts.
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Image and video analysis: Adept in deep learning models such as CNNs and RNNs for video sequence analysis and recognizing human actions, object detection using Faster R-CNN and segmentation using Mask R-CNNs. Expertise in GANs and VAEs for generating images and videos.

Contingent on heavy compute and dataset availabilties
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Custom model development: We have broad technical expertise in exotic models from several fields including Graph Neural Networks (GNNs), Spiked Neural Networks and Probabilistic Machine Learning (PML). This may be utilized to develop highly customized models in cases where standard techniques are not suitable.

our winner process

Our distinctive advantage lies in our bespoke client engagement model and in-depth understanding of specific needs, processes, or challenges. Our methodology ensures value addition to our clients, substantiated by a four-phased approach.

Discover How Anshar Labs Helped to Amplify the Success of a media property using custom LLM

Go beyond traditional demographics and dive into a case study that unveils the future of targeted marketing. Explore how our innovative approach empowered a studio to reach the right audience segments, maximizing the impact of their unique storytelling.

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We are coming to CogX in Los Angeles, CA

Our collaboration with CogX as a corporate sponsor reflects our dedication to fostering innovation and supporting impactful initiatives in AI 


AI & Transformational Tech

May 6 - May 8

AI & Transformational Tech

We look forward to meeting you in person to share discoveries and experiences in productivity, product development, and faster decision making using generative AI.

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